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3D Printing Technology in Halifax

At Herring Cove Community Dentistry, we are excited to introduce 3D printing technology to our practice, to improve the oral care of our patients.

How Is 3D Printing Used in Dentistry?

3D printing is used to create accurate models of a patient’s teeth and jaws. An intraoral scanner captures the anatomy of the mouth, which is then used to construct a 3D CAD model. After several iterations, a model is created that is accurate and comfortable for the patient. Uses for 3D printing include the creation of bite plains, dentures, crowns, and surgical guides.

3D Printing for Surgical Guides

Using an intraoral scanner and corresponding images, dentists can print surgical guides that help during an operation. They do this by scanning the teeth with an intraoral scanner and using the images to create the guide. Having a guide offers several benefits, ensuring safer surgery, faster healing, and added prosthetic comfort.

What Material Is Used for 3D Printing?

3D printing materials are different from those used in regular industrial applications and comprise a special resin. This resin is designed for biocompatibility, safety, and aesthetics, with certain resins used for anatomical models and replicas and different resins used for implants and temporary dental appliances.

What Are the Benefits of 3D Printing for Our Patients?

3D printing technology improves treatment efficiency as well as patient outcomes. They also provide dentists with the ability to create customized dental devices quickly and accurately, cutting down the time of fabrication in the dental lab for more efficient patient care.

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